Nomagungqu. (A mouthful of Glori)


“Gungqu” is a xhosa word for round sweet. When we were younger and visiting my mothers village, amagungqu amnyama (more commonly known as nigger balls) were one of our favourite treats.


I was given the nickname “Nomagungqu” because of the way my cheeks pop when I smile. (And because I’m a sweet thing 😉 I, Nomagungqu am a growing brand based on a smile and all the nice things behind it.


You know that smile that makes your eyes wrinkle, light up and sometimes water all at the same time?
That warm, fullfilling feeling somewhere between your belly and your chest. You get it from the good stuff in your life. Teaching a child how to make something from scratch. Making your deadline with an impressive product to show for it. Having a good night with your family. Being awarded for a job well done. Getting a new recipe right the first time around. Figuring out how to overcome something that’s been challenging you.


Being happy isn’t just about money. Its not just about your relationships and your background. The imperative is NOW. The messages you emulate. Beyond just the company you keep. Music.


Its about loving yourself and making sure that regardless what your circumstances are, your life is fullfilling. More than satisfactory. Food. Conversations. Fashion. Comfort and progress. Sometimes it’s about calling someone out or being “selfish” to preserve your “gungqu feeling”. Those moments when you have to say Niks mapha nge gungqu lam (you can’t have my gungqu)


Taken by Liam Lynch

Group growth. Sharing. All this and more are what I consider (really) nice things. Things that give hearts smiles. A lifestyle that promotes connection and ubuntu.


Nomagungqu is a brand about a smile and all the nice things behind it.


About Nomagungqu

My Name is Nozuko and my name means Glory. I am an African woman residing at the foot of a beautiful continent. I am a Writer,Singer and Composer. You and I are here to share. This is a personal blog. Everything i share here means something to me, but this does not mean that I consider my views to be superior to anyone else’s. I’m simply expressing my unique and purpose-filled space in an infinite universe.Teach me your ways. Learn mine. For growth. For the lessons. For control.

2 responses to “Nomagungqu. (A mouthful of Glori)

  1. Nice read, as usual.
    Always wondered what Nomagungqu means.
    Keep writing, cheers!

  2. Nakita

    So I read this twice. And both times it hit me. It sort of reminds me of a quote by Shira Erlichman that I’ve been using as my anchor. Something about going even though we are directionless, because that must is its own direction. I’m not really sure why I made that connection exactly, but I suppose its because lately I’ve been needing something to propel me forward and these words are really sort of it. Especially what you say about having a life that is fulfilling and sometimes just being selfish.

    This comment is turning into an essay. But the crux of it is really my expression of gratitude. These are more than just words for me right now. What you are creating here is a beautiful brand, and I’m glad to say I believe in it.

    Again, thank you.
    Peace and Light.

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