For you and for me…

Micheal Jackson sang:

“There’s a place in your heart
And I know that it is love
And this place could be much
Brighter than tomorrow…

…Be God’s glow.
We could fly so high
Let our spirits never die
In my heart I feel
You are all my brothers
Create a world with no fear
Together we’ll cry happy tears
See the nations turn
Their swords into plowshares
We could really get there
If you cared enough for the living
Make a little space to make a better place.”

I don’t think we took Micheal or that song seriously enough. He gave us some of the best dance music ever but the message behind that heal the world song man… I think its most relevant to me right now. There is SO MUCH violence in the world. In our time, there are people making bombs out of pressure cookers. Men beating grannies. “Friends” beating on each other and as though war and AIDS were not enough, there are people killing strangers for their material good. For meer possessions.

My friend was murdered in a hijacking this past weekend. When I heard I felt like finding a mountain where everyone who inhabits the earth would hear me screaming at the top of my husky ability. “Help!!! Someone help me make it right!!!”

I thought of so much. There I was, crying on my bedroom floor. In pain from the inside out… I hadn’t spoken to my friend in such a long time. But there was something else behind the pain. My pain was for these people who are so lost, whose lives are so far gone that not only are they stealing from innocent hardworking men (UNlike themselves. Better than them) they are also taking lives??? What evil spirits are these that nurture the rotting of souls in our communities??? How broken is this situation though. My pain is for my son and his children.

Why is the world this way? When did we start losing humanity? Is it really because people don’t have jobs? I’m scared of the things happening around me. As a mother. As a sister. As a woman. Im in pain. I feel like I should be doing something. Like there is a key/a chain/pattern, SOMETHING! Something we’re missing that could tell us what we can do to heal the world. These acts of violence. These brutal killings. Isn’t there something that can be done???

I really feel sick and desperate right now. Had to get it off my chest. We can’t live in bubbles. I want to make it right. I feel responsible. Its so overwhelming though…

Beyonce sings:
“I will leave my mark so everyone will know. I was here. I want to say I lived each day, until I died and know that I meant something in, somebody’s life
The hearts I have touched, will be the proof that I leave. That I made a difference, and this world will see
I was here.”

I think the most powerful ways of ridding the world of darkness is making sure you’re a raging fire/light where you are. A positive force of love and goodness.  Im not saying open a homeless shelter but there’s actually so much that seems small or meaningless that makes yhe world of a difference. Im figuring out how to help you do it.

As an artist I think I’m fortunate enough to have a platform. A voice. I want to use that voice. I want to be your voice too. If you allow me we will do amazing things you and I. For generations to come. For love and peace. For you and for me.